Use The Power Of AI To Level Up Your Investment Results!

Discover How To Use AI To Make Us More Money With Less Time & Get Your Portfolio Positioned For Growth!


The Investor's Day!

5 & 6 August 2023

Sat & Sun, 10am to 6pm

Vida, Level 22, Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur

Here Are The Top 3 Benefits Of Joining This Event :

Benefit #1 :

You’ll discover how to use AI to make profit.

Not just on stocks that could benefit from AI (Even though that will be covered too) but also how to use AI to save time & automate part of your investment process!

Benefit #2 :

You’ll get to meet up with our team in person as well as other members so we can learn from each other & grow.

Some of the best discoveries & growth comes during in person casual chit chat during the event.

Benefit #3 :

You’ll get to discover what is the current hot stock & our market outlook, and potentially get your favourite stocks looked at by our team during our stocks review session.

Here is the list of agendas for this event :

A Revision & Update To The FA+TA+RM Method that has helped us make 53% since 2021.

Get Unstuck Quick Round where we review stocks sent from you on the spot and share what we think about them.

Update To Our 2nd Half 2023 Market Outlook & Our Long Term Investments

How To Profit Using The Power Of AI (Interesting Stocks & New Investment Techniques)

How To Turn Your Portfolio From Losses To Profits

(Insights From Turning Around Numerous Client's Portfolio)

Keynote Sharing By Mystery Guest

And much more...

Also, if you have any issues with account opening, how to use certain platform/website, you can get my team's assistance when you show up in person.

Sounds Good?

How To Go From Investing Just RM1,000/month To Getting RM10,000/month (or more) And Start Investing Even If You Are Afraid Of Losing Money

How To Invest In The Current Environment Of Rising Interest Rates & Volatile Markets Through The FATARM Trading Method

The EXACT 3 Step Guide On Using The

Right Strategy On The Right Stock


The Investor's Day

by Savwee